Service Scope

  1. Wholesale price of the name brand air conditioner such as Mitsubishi, General, Toshiba, National, Rasionic, Midea, Haire, Bodysonic and Shinco;
  2. Provides the specialized air conditioning maintenance and the service;
  3. Air conditioning system check and test;
  4. The design/installs ventilation and the air conditioning systems engineering the various types industry and commerce;
  5. Urgent air conditioning service;
  6. Specialized clean air conditioning system and equipment;
  7. Specialized indoor design and project management;
  8. Wr2 public electric power inspection and test;

Contract: Air conditioning and the freezing project installment and so on enterprise, hotel, store, factory, office, and provides the specialized air conditioning water and electricity system maintenance and the service.

Our objective: Service coordinated process! Service! Maintenance! Serves loyally for the populace!
Design! Installment! Provides the high quality specialized design proposal and the technical backstopping for the customer!

Provided special discount for different commercial sectors.
Welcome to call us for details.

Tel : 2466 0718 / 2461 4766
Fax : 2460 7420

Range of air conditioning system maintenance
(eg. The split-type A/C unit)

1.Inspect the air-conditioner operation 1 time per month, including:

  • Clean up of all filter ;
  • To inspect/ cleaning up drainage system ;
  • To inspect air conditioner electrical circuit ;
  • Check the refrigeration quantity and condenser units ;
  • Check the electrical consumption as required for the equipment ;
  • Submit service report after check.

2. Inspect the air-conditioner operation 1 time per year, including:

  • To clean all condenser units including cooling coil with chemical ;
  • To clean all plant and perform necessary lubrication ( including internal and external unit)
  • Test motor operational aspect ;
  • Check and clean condensing drain pipe;
  • Test air conditioning unit system;
  • A free T&C report in details shall be provided once after agreement had been issued to the client per year.

* Provide the labor and the third party public liability insurance every year


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